Who I Am

Starting in 2012, I began designing and coding my first website as a Junior in High School. It didn't take long till I realized that working in the digital space as a designer and developer is where I wanted to go.

The final products aren't always digital. As I attended Surry Community College for a degree in Digital Media Technology, my local church was happy to have me serve as an intern with them volunteering my time, talents, and growing knowledge. Salem Baptist Church guided me as I served in the 2016 theatrical production of The Best Christmas Ever! and the 2017 production of Letting Go: A Journey of Faith and Forgiveness.

My roles consisted of poster designs, visual media assistant, helping in theatrical lighting designs, and operations. And, I continue volunteering to this day being a part in worshiping God, learning His Word and Truth, and serving the local church and community.

In late 2016, I was blessed to learn and work with Yadtel Telecom and North Valley Media. My roles ranged from being a production assistant, social media marketer, graphic designer, and web developer for Surry Living Magazine and Yadtel Sports. In early 2017, my design talents were used for the set of an upcoming TV show titled, Knee-Deep in Bluegrass. I had many great experiences, including my first airplane flight at Statesville Regional Airport.

Today, my day job is at Sports Solutions. We manufacture and assist customers in designing their own custom socks, headbands, and wristbands as promotional items. We go the extra mile to maintain our well-known customer service and high-quality domestic products. I assist in creating mock-ups of products before they go into production as well as helping customers via phone and email to make the right product decision before purchasing.

Have an idea? I enjoy working in the digital space and seeing ideas grow. Contact me today and let's work together. Currently, Jake Thorne and I are working together to keep the legendary John Wayne and his legacy alive in the 21st Century.